Friday, March 16, 2007

March 16 Blooms

Blooming outside today …

Primula, small daffodils, tulips, pansies in a pot by the front door

Daphne odora by the front door (probably my favorite bloom of the year for its incredible scent)

Plum tree in front of the house


White bluebells? Not sure what these are called but they are like bluebells, sort of weedy perhaps

Blueberry buds

Buds on a pretty bush in the back yard (I don’t know what this is yet)

Green plum tree in the back yard

Star Magnolia

Lilac buds

Forsythia (dangles over from the neighbor’s yard)

See also: Camelia

Blooming inside today …
White orchid


Carol said...

Your flowers are all so pretty. You are obviously in a warmer location than I am. I especially like the container, very nice combination of plants. Thanks for posting what you have in bloom!

Pam said...

Goregous!! What beautiful photos.